Fillers and Neurotoxins in Pasadena, CA

Fillers and Neurotoxins: Neurotoxins and dermal fillers are some the most common cosmetic treatments, but it takes expertise and a skilled eye to achieve the best results. Dr. Nima combines attention to detail and technical skill with a variety of fillers to contour, reshape, and enhance your natural beauty.

Injectable fillers can be used to plump lips, smooth wrinkles and folds, and fill in under-eye hollows known as tear troughs. They can also add volume to cheeks, create definition in the jawline, and in some cases allow for a “nonsurgical nose job”.

Neurotoxins like Botox® and Dysport® temporarily relax facial muscles to soften the look of dynamic facial wrinkles, giving you a smooth canvas and a refreshed look. Dr Nima Plastic Surgery offers an array of fillers including:

Dr Nima Plastic Surgery also offers neurotoxins including:

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