Breast Lift
Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Lift

The conversation surrounding breast enhancement often centers around increasing the size and fullness of the breasts using implants. However, breast augmentation is not the only procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts. Breast lift is also designed to give the breasts a more appealing and feminine appearance.

Breast Lift in Pasadena, CA

Unlike breast augmentation, breast lift is not about adding volume that was not there before. The goal of breast lift is to reshape the tissue that is already on the chest, creating a perkier and more youthful contour.

Read on as Dr. Nima Naghshineh explains popular reasons for pursuing breast lift.

To Undo the Work of Gravity and Time

Gravity and time are not kind to breasts. Over time, the breast tissues and overlying skin envelope lose elasticity, sending breasts southward on the chest, where they may appear flat and saggy. (The clinical term for breast sagging is “ptosis.”) The weight of especially large breasts will speed up the effects of gravity. The nipples may droop, too, ending up on the lower portion of the breasts and pointing downward.

Breast lift undoes the work of gravity by lifting and tightening the breast skin and tissues. During surgery, Dr. Nima rearranges the tissue to give the upper portion of the breast more fullness. He also repositions the nipples higher on the breasts.

To Reverse the Effects of Pregnancy and Nursing

Pregnancy and nursing accelerate the natural migration of the breasts southward. During pregnancy, the breasts swell with milk. After the baby is born and the mother starts nursing, her breasts repeatedly stretch and shrink, compromising the elasticity of the breast tissue and skin.

Many mothers seek out Dr. Nima’s expertise after weaning their babies, complaining of droopy, “pancake-looking” breasts. Breast lift is the perfect solution to counteract the undesirable effects of pregnancy and nursing and restore a pleasing contour to the breasts.

To Improve Breast Contour After Significant Weight Loss

Women who lose a significant amount of weight often find their breasts are one of the first areas to shrink. Once their weight has stabilized, they are left with breasts that look deflated or saggy.

Breast lift with Dr. Nima can put the finishing touches on a woman’s body transformation by refining the shape and position of her breasts. Adding implants or one’s own fat to the breast lift can produce fuller and perkier breasts.

Why Women Trust Dr. Nima

As with any cosmetic procedure, the skills and experience of the surgeon are essential. Dr. Nima has vast experience in advanced reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery and is known for being a gifted and detail-oriented plastic surgeon who not only meets, but exceeds, his patients’ expectations.

For more information about how Dr. Nima can give you the youthful, beautiful breasts you want, please request a consultation at our practice today.