Skin Rejuvenation
RF microneedling Pasadena

Your skin quality starts to decrease starting in your 20s, as your body gradually produces less and less collagen. Over time, your skin loses elasticity and hyaluronic acid, allowing wrinkles to form and become more prominent. People with acne scarring from adolescence often struggle with skin texture, while others experience lines and wrinkles. Dr. Nima Naghshineh offers Profound RF Microneedling, a non-invasive skincare treatment with transformative results. 

Dr. Nima has extensive experience with Profound RF microneedling and trains other physicians worldwide on the device. RF microneedling can improve skin for 100% of patients, according to case reports published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum in January 2020. 

How Profound RF Microneedling Works

Profound RF Microneedling offers tighter skin and more defined contours, and can be used to treat loose or damaged skin in several areas of the face and body. Microneedling utilizes small needles to create thousands of micro-traumas in the skin, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural healing response. The radiofrequency (RF) heat is delivered directly into the deep dermal layers of the skin , and this combination of thermal and mechanical injury delivers highly effective tissue remodeling and skin tightening. The RF portion of the treatment tightens the skin by contracting the fibro septal network in the deep skin tissues. The combination treatment triggers neocollagenesis, neoelastinogenesis, and angiogenesis. 

Collagen: The “Fountain of Youth” Protein

Collagen is a protein found in your connective tissues that decreases with age beginning on your twenties. It’s a fibrous matrix responsible for the integrity of your skin. Profound RF Microneedling induces neocollagenesis, or new collagen formation, in fibroblast cells. Neocollagenesis takes two to three months as the body creates new collagen in the treated area to improve skin texture and quality visibly.

The Role of Elastin in Skin Quality

Elastinogenesis is the process of forming elastin which initially happens during early neonatal development in the womb. Elastin is an extracellular matrix protein responsible for the recoil of your skin, ligaments, cartilage, heart valves, large arteries, and other areas. This stretchy protein is made of amino acids for strong, flexible skin. Elastin works with collagen to improve skin and is about 1,000 times more flexible and pliable than collagen, allowing the skin to stretch out and retract. Unfortunately, elastin degrades with natural aging and skin damage. Profound RF Microneedling induces neoelastinogenesis to create new elastin fibers and works with the new collagen to improve skin conditions caused by natural aging and skin damage.

Profound RF Microneedling Promotes Wound Healing

Profound RF Microneedling treatment induces angiogenesis, which forms new capillaries using pre-existing blood vessels in your body. The process causes endothelial cells to migrate, grow, and differentiate inside the walls of blood vessels to support wound healing and delivers oxygen-rich blood to the tissues.

Research indicates radiofrequency energy and microneedling as a combined treatment are safe and effective and provide “profound” results. Profound RF Microneedling improves skin texture and appearance by forming new collagen and elastin and stimulating wound healing for long-lasting wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and improved scarring.

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